Best Western Amaranth – Suvarnabhumi Airport

Best Western Amaranth – Suvarnabhumi Airport

A Very Pleasant Surprise – So organized they made it look easy.

A veteran Bangkok hotel expert, I rarely check into anything without thoroughly checking reviews; however I was already on the Tarmac ready to depart Australia when I realized I had failed to arrange a room for that one night stopover. I only had a minute or two and took the first one that popped up on Wotif. I didn’t have time to arrange transport to the hotel but was happy to at least have a hotel reservation.

I didn’t even remember the name of the hotel, so I checked that in-flight. I realized a note on the booking said I there is a free hotel shuttle, but you had to pre-arrange that…. never mind I thought.

Arriving at Suvarnabhumi BKK I noticed among the hotel signs, one for Best Western Amaranth; upon checking with the porter I was delighted to find my name had automatically been added to his list…even despite the last minute booking, and not arranging this myself! In no time we were taken to the hotel only around 20 minutes away – all a free great service.


On arrival I observed the lobby was very modern, hip and attractive design and fit-out …well serviced. The whole thing seemed very well organized and managed.

Check-in was prompt and easy…. my room was up graded without even asking and without reason. The porter allowed me to go ahead of him up to my room alone in the elevator, and that I liked space after a long flight. He arrived a minute later and professionally set the luggage for me… I tipped him well (100b) in the lobby later once I found some Thai Baht in my bag. In doing so I dropped 500b…. he found it and returned it to me after giving it a moments thought.

The only negative I could draw is what a long walk to from the elevator to the room…I was right on the end, the furthest away from the elevator. It was about a 200m walk! However very nice surroundings and a curved building served to avoid it look or feel at all like a hospital… as some long hotel buildings can often resemble.

The room was equally nice and modern, nice new bathroom and amenities.

The bar was nice with a live music duo playing piano and singing into the evening. Great friendly bar-staff and service… small considerations like magazines and newspapers, free chippy-snacks were provided. The only negative was loads of mosquitos also having a banquet…. on my ankles. I asked for some spray and was quickly given repellant that I applied; so they are aware of the problem and presented some solution…. problem resolved. I could hear zapping so I suspect there were traps around somewhere.

The restaurant was great in the morning with a healthy breakfast …and excellent selection, and you can by nice coffee like Latte also… sometimes hard to get in Asia.

All up I was very happy for my short trip. I must have loved it to put this much effort into the review. I only write these reviews for the reader’s benefit, so if it has been at all helpful please let me know by clicking on the Helpful Vote button…? it keeps me going.

Room tip – ask to be not to far from the lifts.