The Manor: A Beachfront Luxury Real Estate in the Philippines

The Manor: A Beachfront Luxury Real Estate in the Philippines

Living in a condominium gives you relaxation in the middle of the busy city. The more will a home near the beach give you a luxurious escapade. Here are some reasons why The Manor is an ideal beachfront luxury real estate in the Philippines to lodge or invest in.

It’s the best spot in Mindoro

Puerto Galera is a first-class municipality located in Oriental Mindoro, with a population of 37,000 people. This place is known for its deep diving spots, white-sand beaches and an active nightlife. Apart from the unexplored mountain ranges at the central Mindoro, it is also where people can find a 9-hole golf course. If these places surround someone’s home, that will make a day seem like an eternal summer.

Puerto Galera is bustling tourist spot

The Manor’s location in Puerto Galera makes any escapade a worthy long-term investment. One reason of the Manor’s exclusivity is the nearby clubs and resto-bars. People can dine, eat and have fun here. Unlike the other beachfront properties in the country, The Manor is an ideal go-to place for people who want to hop on different islands and have a 360-degree scenic view.

The Manor is a Jewel by word and deed

Perhaps more than any other beachfront property in the town, most tourists can enjoy lodging here because of its many amenities. The venue seeks to tie the idea of a luxury resident and a summer escapade into a single package. Imagine living the summer every day in the comfort of your own home, where the only thing you may need to worry is what pair of shorts to wear, and what flip-flops to use.

The Manor is open for people who want to enjoy summer every single day. By choosing to stay in this precious gem, they can fully enjoy what Puerto Galera has to offer every single day. How fun is that!

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